eco chicche

ho comprato ai super saldi di Zara una magliettina a 4.99 fatta con organic cotton

ho scoperto che era ethical fashion solo a casa

beh.. bene!

anche se il prezzo bassino (in origine tipo 14.99) mi fa temere che l'abbiano cucita chi sa dove nel sud est asiatico..


sul vogue di questo mese nella rubrica "curiosity ecologico"  due guide fondamentali:

Green is the new black      

How to change the world with style

(CONTROLC:From the truth about fast fashion to the best biodegradable shoes, Tamsin Blanchard is your guide to all things fairtrade and fabulous. She explains the principles of ethical fashion, why it matters & how to do it. Offering tips for the aspiring green goddess: including the low carbon diet, seduction in eco-couture & ethical bling. She presents fun facts and essential directories on every aspect of sustainable and stylish living. This is the chicest, greenest survival manual around. If you want to change the world and your wardrobe, don't go shopping with out it! )

Eco Chic

The savvvy shopper's guide to ethical fashion

(CONTROLC:What makes this book such a great read is not only the advice it gives on dressing stylishly, but the amount of eye-opening information on everything that's bad about fast-fashion. Meticulously researched with up to date facts and quotes, it explains which fabrics are harmful to the environment; the design pioneers to watch; the labour behind your labels; and how to create eco-friendly fashions by recycling and savvy shopping.)

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